Tuesday, August 22, 2006

About This Blog

Between 1999 and 2001, my family (my wife, young daughter, young son, and myself) lived in Düsseldorf, Germany while I was on an expatriate assignment for the chemical giant Hoechst. While living there, we received the European vacation benefit of six weeks each year. We took full advantage of this benefit, traveling all over Europe. I documented most of our trips, mainly so we would have an account for later years. However, I thought this blog might also benefit those planning a trip to Europe.

I have around 17 essays, covering Europe and even venturing into North Africa. I will edit and post these essays as time allows. I think my writing got better during later trips, and I also learned to be more descriptive of the events. Hopefully these essays will be of some interest to those planning a trip to Europe, or those who are just curious about living and traveling in Europe.

I also maintain another blog dedicated to energy issues: R-Squared Energy Blog

I am always happy to try to answer any questions about our European experience.


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